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white trash at its best

gag me with a spoon

15 October
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I hate filling out these things. I never know what to say. My name is chelsea, i like good music, good people, and good sex. I play guitar, go to shows, and drink tastey martini's.
1940s, 1950s, 1960s, altering clothes, animals, astro zombies, batmobile, beer, being a bitch, being creative, being jobless, being photographed, bettie page, bike riding, black hair, blitz, bodmods, bondage, bubble baths, cemetaries, charles manson, cherries, classic cars, cuddling, decorating, demented are go!, dill pickles, dita von tease, drawing, dresses, dressing up, drinking under bridges, elvira, f-minus, fashion, fiona apple, fishnets, fucking, getting shitfaced, going crazy, going to shows, gutter demons, halloween, high heels, hillbilly hellcats, horror, horror movies, horrorpops, johnny cash, leopard print, love, macabre, mad heads, mad sin, make up, making out, marilyn monroe, martinis, motorhead, music, my boyfriend, nashville pussy, nekromantix, new york dolls, nirvana, nofx, old no doubt, old rancid, oral sex, painting, peircings, photography, pinup girls, playing guitar, polkadots, pomps, psychobilly, punk rock, records, resistance, retro furniture, reverend horton heat, ripcordz, rock n roll, rockabilly, rocket from the crypt, serial killers, sewing, sex, shoes, shopping, singing, skulls, sleeping, swearing, tattoos, the bitchin camaros, the clash, the coffin draggers, the cramps, the distillers, the doors, the future, the meteors, the plasmatics, the ramons, the sharks, things that are pink, things that smell good, tiger army, tight pants, travelling, uk subs, valley of the dolls, vampira, vargas, vintage, vintage cars, watching movies, weed, writing, zombies