chelsea (blitzrock77) wrote,

So yea, I have a new layout. Its definatly hotter than your mom!

Super hot.

Im so bored right now. I have nothing to do in this stupid ass class.
School is done in 3 more days. then i get a nice 2 week break. Which i can totally use.

They jipped me for 3 hours on my last check, i talked to my boss yesterday, and those three hours are going to be on my next check. woo! Extra money. that shouldnt really be extra. Cause i should have gotten it in the first place god dammit!!

SO i ended up going home after second period yesterday. I wasnt feeling very good. all weak and sleepy. So i went home and my dad freaked out on me like fucking 90! Im calling into my Co op to tell my teacher im not going in today. And hes fucking screaming at me in the background. Telling me im a worthless bitch. Nice dad. So i spent most of the day in my room crying and feeling sorry for myself. Then George came and made everything better. I love him so much, i dont know what id do if i ever lost him. Hes the greatest thing thats EVER happened to me. Ive never felt this way for anyone in my entire life. Hes all i want. I never want to love anyone else. One day, we're going to run away from this awful town and live happily ever after. Nobody makes me feel the way he does. Ive never been so happy.
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